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Spectrum Offshore & Onshore Services Private Limited (SOOPL) is also a service provider company, which serves the Energy and Power industry with special capabilities and experience in the offshore environment. We provide our Clients with a turnkey solution starting from Procurement and fabrication through replacement, installation and commissioning of the various equipments / packages for the offshore facilities. We also provide Operation and Maintenance services for offshore equipment and machinery.

SOOPL continuously strives to make advancement in the offshore technology field. Supported by a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers who have hands-on experience of working in offshore, we are able to transform new ideas into practical engineering applications.

SOOPL business vertical comprises of:


SOOPL specialises in delivering cranes and winches for offshore as well as onshore applications as per API Monogram. This includes Gantry Crane, Electric Over head Travelling Crane, Pedestal Crane and Winch. We can provide structural modifications for the Cranes as well as winches and rebuilds meet or exceed the design specifications of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

For the aftermarket services, our preference is to enter into rate contracts for the maintenance of the cranes and winches. Thus, resulting in a life extension of the equipment.


  • Structural fabrication
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Repair

Aluminium Helideck

SOOPL delivers high quality aluminium alloy Helideck as an alternative to the traditional steel and concrete designs. The advantage of an aluminium structure lies in lighter and corrosion resistant metal and most importantly is low maintenance.

Living Quarter

SOOPL delivers world class Living Quarter Accommodations required on offshore facilities as well as for the Ship building industry. The construction of the Accomodations is done with taking utmost precautions and safety measures at all times to ensure building of a strong structure.

Cathodic Protection

SOOPL offers Cathodic Protection solutions by use of sacrificial anodes to ensure the preservation of the offshore structures and marine structures.


SOOPL delivers a wide range of Pumps for the Oil & Gas and Power Generation sector. These pumps include Centrifugal and Reciprocating pumps as per API standards. We can offer a complete turnkey solution to our client by removal, installation and commissioning of a pump package.


SOOPL offers various equipments and services for the global upstream and downstream oil and gas markets. SOOPL delivers a complete range of valves as per API 6A-6D and ANSI standards.

Blowout Preventer

SOOPL specialises in carrying out repair and refurbishment of Annular & Ram type Blowout Preventer (BOP).

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