Spectrum Offshore & Onshore Services Private Limited provides capital dredging works as well as for maintenance works. We can undertake dredging, reclamation, marine charters or survey services. We possess a technically knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals in order to execute an entire project efficiently and successfully.

We provide complete end to end solutions for Marine industry including:

Capital Dredging

Capital dredging is carried out to create a new harbour, berth or waterway, or to deepen existing facilities in order to allow larger ships access. Capital dredging works usually involve hard material or highvolume works.

Maintenance Dredging

Maintenance dredging is to deepen or maintain navigable waterways or channels which are threatened to become silted with the passage of time, due to sediment sand and mud, possibly making them too shallow for navigation

Land Reclamation

Dredging to mine sand, clay or rock from the seabed and using it to construct new land elsewhere. This is typically performed by a cutter-suction dredger or trailing suction hopper dredger. The material may also be used for flood or erosion control.

Beach Nourishment

Mining sand offshore and placing on a beach to replace sand eroded by storms or wave action. This is done to enhance the recreational and protective function of the beaches, which can be eroded by human activity or by storms. This is typically performed by a cutter-suction dredge or trailing suction hopper dredge.

Scuba Diving Service

We employ professional divers to perform underwater tasks including civil engineering such as in oil exploration, underwater welding or offshore construction and marine activities, such as naval diving, including the repair and inspection of boats and ships, salvage of wrecks.

Coastal Protection Projects

Coastal development often entails dredging up bottom sediments and/or the wholesale cutting of mangrove forests and other habitat to reshape the shoreline.

Survey & Design

Survey & Design team provides a complete range of design services, including consulting and planning services, feasibility studies, designs, engineering consulting, engineering surveys and technical studies, project management, project

Environment Impact Assessment

Our coastal zones and marine resources are under increasing demand from population growth and development worldwide ranging from port expansion, coastal defence, land reclamation and urban growth for residential, tourism and industrial purposes. As coastal populations grow, so do the claims on our coastal and marine environments, presenting coastal resource managers at community, national, regional and international levels with difficult challenges. We undertake Environmental Impact Assessments to assist our clients in meeting the requirements of the key national and international legislation required in planning and designing new developments, and in the maintenance and rehabilitation of existing works in the coastal and marine environments. At Enrich Shreya Marine Infrastructure we offer advice, guidance and supervision in the entire range of Environment Impact

Assessment studies including:

  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Screening and Scoping Assessments
  • Initial Environmental Evaluations
  • Targeted EIAs (for example, for pollution or thermal control)
  • Environmental Management Plans
  • Environmental Monitoring Programmes

Services Offered

1. Teeth
2. Shaft
3. Head Assembly
Diesel / Gas Engine
1. Pump Impeller
2. Pump Casing

Pump Impeller Only
Floating Pipes
Hydraulic Pipes and Rams
Anchor Winches
1. Motors
2. Pumps
Hull Maintenance
Living Quarter / Deck

Non Destructive Testing :

  • Magnetic Particle Test
  • Dye Penetration Test
  • Ultrasonic Testing

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