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Spectrum Offshore & Onshore Services Private Limited (SOOPL) participates in the Upstream, Mid Strewam and the Downstream segment of the oil and gas market on a variety of levels, ranging from drilling products to providing long-term solutions for the skid based Process packaged problems. From our early years as a specialized provider of both Chemical and Water solutions to our current position as a global, multiservice provider to the Petrochemical sector, SOOPL has been setting the standard for safety and project excellence. Our extensive experience, both onshore and offshore, including deep water applications, allow for thoughtful and innovative solutions to the most complex situations. Through organic growth and strategic acquisitions, we have positioned ourselves at every level of the upstream market: drilling, completions, and production.

We can offer high quality products and services customized to the expectations of our Clients keeping in mind the continuously evolving trends in the Global market. We provide a turnkey solution to our Client by offering Installation and Commissioning services for the various equipments both in Offshore and Onshore facilities.

Products and Equipment

Crude Oil Separation and Stabilization Systems

  • Flow Splitter and Free Water Knock –Out
  • Test & Production (2 & 3 Phase) Separators
  • Intermediate & Low Pressure Separators
  • Oily/Produced Water Separator
  • Coalescers (Electrostatic & Mechanical)

Crude Dehydration and Desalting Systems

  • Non-Heated & Heated Electrostatic Dehydrators
  • Single & Two Stage Desalters
  • Piggyback Coalescers

Gas Conditioning Systems

  • TEG Gas Dehydration
  • MEG Injection & Regeneration
  • Solid Desiccant and Molecular Sieve Dehydration
  • Gas Sweetening (CO2 & H2S) using Amine Solvent
  • CO2 Removal using Membrane
  • Fuel Gas Conditioning

Gas Processing Systems

  • Mechanical Refrigeration
  • Absorption Process
  • Joule-Thomson and Low Temperature Separation
  • Condensate Stabilization
  • NGL Recovery

Gas, Liquids and Solid Separation Systems

  • Scrubbers
  • Filter Separator
  • Dry Gas Filter
  • Flare and Vent Knock-Out Drum
  • Desanding Cyclones

Oily / Produced Water Treatment Systems

  • Deoiler Hydrocyclone
  • Induced Gas Flotation Cell
  • Corrugated Plate Interceptor

Heating and Production Ancillary Systems

  • Indirect Fired Water / Glycol Bath Heater
  • Indirect Fired Salt Bath Heater
  • Heat Medium Package
  • Chemical Injection Packages
  • Nitrogen Generation Packages
  • Pig Launcher & Receiver
  • Pressure Reduction and Metering System

Separator Internals

  • Cyclonic and Vane-Type Inlet Diffusers
  • Vane-Type Mist Eliminators
  • Mesh Pad Agglomerators
  • Liquid-liquid Coalescer Packs
  • Foam Breakers
  • Laminar Flow Stabilizers
  • Wave Baffles
  • Motion Damping Baffles
  • Weir Plates

Seawater Treatment and Injection

  • Coarse Filtration
  • Media Fine Filtration
  • Cartridge Filtration
  • Chemical Injection

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