Field Service Solution

We lead with a ‘boots on ground’ approach for prompt and efficient service infrastructure. With our highly skilled workforce, extensive field experience, and deep understanding of local laws and work culture, we offer an extended solution to seamlessly navigate projects encompassing equipment operation, maintenance, servicing, and manpower supply management complexities.

Empowering Your Field Operations

We offer a diverse range of qualified field service personnel to support your specific requirements, including:

Oil & Gas Excellence

Our crane operators ensure safe and efficient operation and maintenance of various cranes (pedestal cranes, anchor winches, capstans) on offshore platforms and marine vessels

Turbine Package Expertise

Our team of engineers and field personnel (Technicians, Electricians, Fitters, Helpers, and Mechanics) collaborate with OEMs to maintain, repair, overhaul and refurbish a wide range of equipment, including engine, pump, compressor, generator, gearbox as well as turbine.

Mudlogging Mastery

Our team provides expert operation and maintenance of mudlogging equipment for real-time data acquisition during drilling operations

Benefits of leveraging SOOPL’s field services

Choosing SOOPL for your engineering requirements goes beyond a mere service agreement We deli ver tangible value through

Nurturing Client Relationships

Our local team of skilled field personnel, thoroughly familiar with local conditions and clients’ field operations, consistently enhances aftermarket as well as follow-on business opportunities

Safety-First Mindset

We prioritize safety at every stage, and uphold rigorous standards and continuous training to safeguard the personnel, assets and operations.

Flexibility and scalability

We can adapt to project fluctuations with our flexible staffing solutions, ensuring optimal workforce needs are met.

Administrative unburdening

We manage the various value-added as well as non-value added Human Resources Management tasks for the field team, freeing up your time to focus on core business objectives.

From firsthand experience and direct client feedback, we recognize the indispensable role of a resilient service infrastructure in ensuring operational smoothness, uptime maximization, and cost optimization. Acting as a pivotal bridge, our field service team fosters strong client-OEM relationships.

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